Registration process

step 1
Contact your closest Orange Panda
Contact the Orange Panda daycare centre closest to you by telephone or email to arrange a tour at the location and receive more information.
step 2
Fill up form
To temporarily reserve a spot for your child, fill in the registration form with the expected starting date and other information. Please be aware that a registration fee is applicable. After receiving the registration fee, a contract will be drafted and sent to you.
step 3
Reserve a place
Once Orange Panda has received the signed contract and the first payment, a letter confirming a reserved place for your child will be sent to you. Placement is possible throughout the year. Starting dates are the 1st or the 16th of the month.
step 4
Intake meeting
Finally an appointment for an intake meeting will be setup. This meeting with the parents and/or caregivers and the teacher will last approximately 30 minutes. The goal is to get to know your child, his or her home schedule and other specific details. This information is important to give your child the care he or she needs. Following the interview, we will start with an adjustment period that will last for at least one week.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What is the daily routine of the children?
As we follow the development and pace of the children, our daily schedule is not as rigid as in many other childcare organizations. However, we do believe a daily structure can help children with their emotional safety and confidence, especially for toddlers (18 months to 4 years old). Here ( you can find their daily routine. For children up to 18 months old, we follow their own routine from a base of daily care.
How do you control the air quality?
We have installed a central air purifying system in the building and an additional air purifier in every room, guaranteeing good air quality. The AQI is monitored with a Laser Egg, which offers parents the option to use a mobile app to view the air quality of their child’s group in real time. (
What languages do you use?
We use English and Chinese. Around 70% of the time we speak English with the children. The remaining 30% of the time is in Chinese. In case a child that just started only speaks Chinese, we will use a bit more Chinese so the child can adjust easier. (
What security measures are in place at Orange Panda?
Food and other supplies are only famous brands that have been thoroughly inspected (ex – Crayola, Scholastic).
Where do the children sleep?
For the babies we have a separate bedroom which is next to our baby group. This is helpful because the teachers will have to go in and out of the bedroom more times a day since not all babies are following the same sleeping routine. All of our toddlers go to bed after lunch and also sleep in a separate room. One of the teachers will be present while the children fall asleep. Once a baby or toddler wakes up, we will see if he or she falls asleep again. If not, we will take the child out of bed and have them play with the teacher in a separate room. Children are not obligated to sleep if they do not want or do not need to.
If my child is not used to falling asleep by himself, what will you do?
We will help your child learn to fall asleep by himself. At first a teacher will be present in the room until your child falls asleep. She will comfort your child so your child can fall asleep. We will make the period that a teacher is present shorter every time, until your child does not need someone to be close to fall asleep. We will also discuss this with you during the adjustment period. This way you can try to do the same at home, which will make it easier for your child to learn to fall asleep independently.
How do you know who is allowed to pick up my child?
We will ask you to send pictures of the people who are allowed to pick up your child. If someone unfamiliar is picking up your child, we will always call you for a confirmation. If we are unable to reach you, we will not give your child to that person.
Does my child start with full days directly?
Your child will start with a customized adjustment period before the contract starts. This helps children and parents to settle in. During the adjustment period you will gradually bring your child longer every day. The Teachers will pay extra attention to you and your child to help you and your child feel at home as soon as possible.

Get in touch

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